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Blizzard Watch’s Podcasts

Blizzard Watch produces three podcasts: the Blizzard Watch Podcast, Lore Watch, and our monthly D&D Spectacular. The Blizzard Watch Podcast and the D&D Spectacular are both recorded live, and you can join us over on our Twitch page. Here’s our regular schedule:

  • Blizzard Watch Podcast: Live on Twitch every Tuesday from the 7-9pm central time, posted every Friday
  • Lore Watch Podcast: Posted every Wednesday
  • Joe’s D&D Spectacular: An ongoing D&D adventure recorded live every month and posted on the site
  • Rossi’s D&D Spectacular: A complete D&D adventure spanning 16 episodes
  • Blizzard Watch Plays: One shot adventures recorded when we like to explore other RPGs

Be sure to watch our Twitter for any last-minute schedule updates.

If you have questions you’d like answered on the Blizzard Watch podcast or Lore Watch podcast, email them to [email protected]. Thanks for listening!

The Blizzard Watch Podcast

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Lore Watch

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Joe’s D&D Spectacular

Rossi’s D&D Spectacular

Blizzard Watch Plays

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