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2017 Hearthstone Championship Tour crowns summer champion A lot of Hearthstone esports went down in Blizzard's new Arena in Burbank over the weekend. Not only was there a well-attended Fireside event where players got the new alternate Warlock hero, there was also the matter of the summer global championship to settle.

Lore Watch Episode 59: Kul Tiras, the Void – What’s coming in the next expansion? Anne, Matt, and Joe sit down to answer a couple of reader-submitted questions and get sidetracked on some dizzying discussions about the Old Gods and the future of Azeroth.

Then and now with the WoW dev team Sometimes pictures only tell part of a story, but that part is worth exploring. World of Warcraft has been out since 2004, and was in various stages of development before that. And amazingly, it was developed with a team around fifty people and shipped with about sixty.

Know Your Lore: The Vrykul — a new playable race? When looking at likely prospects for new playable races next expansion, it’s impossible to ignore the Vrykul. Originally making their first appearance in Wrath, these progenitors of humanity have made a comeback in Legion.


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