WoW Archivist: Classic’s world bosses

Legion‘s demon invasions have given us the most world bosses the game has ever seen. Not since the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj opened up have we fought so many powerful enemies in the open world. The demons under Sargeras are deadly and potent. Leveling up my Goblin Rogue, I’ve spent a lot of time staring at grayscale versions of Azshara and The Barrens. It adds a lot of excitement (and stress) to what is essentially a “graveyard zerg” encounter when dying might mean missing out on 40,000 experience.

Classic gave us a number of world bosses, and believe it or not almost all of them are poised to make a return in Legion, as both friends and foes. Let’s look back!


Spectral Insight: Vengeance Artifact talents and skins

It’s time. Legion is here, and the training wheels for up-and-coming Demon Hunters have officially come off. Hopefully you’ve been using the last few weeks to get a feel for Vengeance, because today we’ll be going over the Vengeance Artifact talent tree, what order to grab Artifact talents, and what different appearances you can expect to see as you progress through Legion.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, be sure to give a look at our guide to Vengeance’s standard talent tree, and a look at the key Artifact traits that make up the end-goals of our Artifact trees.


BlizzCaps: It’s the end of the world as we know it

“I discovered that when the Legion is invading Tanaris, the space skybox normally present in the Caverns of Time disappears in favor of the Fel-infused sky,” writes submitter Dragomar of Argent Dawn (EU-A). “While it’s probably a side effect, it is kind of eerie to think that the Legion invasion is so wide-reaching that even the realm outside of time is not safe. If one didn’t know this was from the Caverns of Time, it might look like the ruins of a human village after the Legion conquers Azeroth.”

Want to see your picture here on BlizzCaps? Well, why not? Email your screenshots to, or tweet it with the hashtag #blizzcaps, and we’ll check it out. We prefer pictures with names turned off, and if you don’t want your screenshot to get caught in our spam folder, please use the word “BlizzCaps” somewhere in the email.


Medivh and Chromie duke it out in this week’s hero rotation

We’re pretty excited about Heroes of the Storm this week. With an interesting hero rotation featuring relative newcomers Medivh ad Chromie as well as the PTR coming online with Machines of War, how could we not be excited? We’re so excited!

Okay. I tried. I really tried there. But we’re all playing World of Warcraft this week, and not even the best hero rotation ever could pull us away from it. Sorry, Chromie, but you aren’t enough to get me playing Heroes this week no matter how adorable you are.

But for the dedicated Heroes player, while the PTR is up now, you have a couple of weeks to wait before new content arrives with Machines of War and Alarak — both of which go live on September 13. Until then, there is only waiting. And waiting. And… well, at least we have a new hero rotation to keep us company.


Legion FAQ: All your questions about Legion, Demon Hunters, and more answered

Sure, we’ve been talking about Legion for a while. But with all the changes that have happened between the announcement at Gamescom last year and the release, it can be hard to keep up. And if you’re just coming back to the game after a break, you’re probably a little lost in all the changes the game has undergone.

But whether you’re coming back to the game after a break or just haven’t been keeping up, we’re here to help. We’ve collected all of your frequently asked Legion questions to get you up to speed. Have questions? Ask ’em in the comments and we’ll get you an answer.


Livestreaming our Legion marathon tonight

Assuming all’s well with server status as Legion launches, we’ll be livestreaming our foray into the expansion this evening. We’ll be approaching this less formally than some of our previous livestreams, just hanging out together as friends and allowing people to pop in and out as they please. While some of us fade, others might be joining in fresh, taking their first steps into the Broken Isles long after the rest of us are exhausted. And if the servers are down when the expansion launches … we’ll probably play something like Stardew Valley until either the realms stabilize or our patience runs out.

We’ll start the stream a little before 12 a.m. Pacific — you can join us below or directly on Twitch.


How long will it take to reach level 110 in Legion?

Leveling in Legion looks to take roughly the same time as the past few expansions, and possibly even quicker. Our own Matt Low ran a leveling test last weekend on beta, hitting 110 in 12 hours and 20 minutes and using, in his words, “no rested XP, no auto trash vendor addon, inefficient hearthstone placement, and playing shadow.”

We’re hearing initial reports that Fragnance over on the EU servers — which went online at midnight CEST, before NA servers — reached 110 in a mere 5.5 hours. Sometimes there are launch bugs that grant larger experience than intended, so we’ll see if such a short timeframe was supposed to happen.

But that’s not to say you have to hit level 110 that quickly.


How to get Artifact weapons for every spec

Your Artifact will be a defining part of your entire Legion experience.  It starts off as an iLevel 750 weapon which is better than anything you’ll be bringing from Warlords of Draenor outside of the mouthful of a fully Valor upgraded Mythic Warforged Archimonde drop. You will want the Artifact for each spec you intend to play at max level, as Artifacts are the only powerful weapons you’ll find in Legion — plus it will enhance your ability to perform your role in your chosen spec.

You can start questing for your second (and third, and fourth) Artifact starting at level 102 — so let’s walk you through how it’s done.

Update: This was originally published during the Legion beta, but it will be especially handy to dual spec-ers trying to pick up multiple artifacts this week — and, yes, it’s possible without getting too far behind!